Our Services

Custom Design

In collaboration with you, our experienced team of in-house designers and goldsmiths will make your jewelry dream design come true! Whether using our outstanding and ethical sourcing for diamonds and colored gemstones or creating a new life for your priceless family heirloom pieces, we are here for you. Book an appointment for your one-of-a-kind design consultation.

Modifications & Rebuilds

A fantastic alternative to full custom and/or retail is the option to modify your existing pieces to fit your current, personal jewelry taste and style.

Our design team is here to assist you in the process of altering your jewelry and our Master Goldsmiths will get the job done.

Minor aesthetic adjustments, adding or upgrading stones or a complete revision…we are always happy to help!

Repairs & Restorations

Keep your jewelry in excellent, safe, and wearable condition!

Listed below are several services (including but not limited to) available for repair and restoration.

We invite you to come in for a quick inspection if you have any questions or concerns about the condition of your jewelry.

Watch & Eyeglass Repair

Is your clock not ticking or watch not keeping time? Watch and clock repair is another service we provide.

  • Cleaning & Servicing
  • Battery Replacement
  • Watchband Adjustments
  • Watchband Repairs (pins, rivets, etc.)
  • Watchband Replacement
  • Crystal Replacement
  • Crown/Stem Repair

Eyeglass repairs include replacement of small parts, screws and welding (most) broken metal frames.